Do I Have a Case for Daycare Negligence in South Carolina?

It is completely unacceptable for your child to have been injured while under the supervision of a daycare. And if this occurs, you must fight for the compensation your child deserves. Follow along to learn the types of daycare negligence and how a proficient Chesterfield County premises liability lawyer of The Cockrell Law Firm, P.C., can determine whether you have a valid case.

What are the types of daycare negligence in the state of South Carolina?

A daycare staff has a legal responsibility in ensuring that their premises are safe, especially for children. So, when they are negligent in doing so, this is when accidents typically occur. Below are types of daycare negligence that are frequently seen in the state of South Carolina:

  • The daycare staff did not remove unsafe objects from the reach of your child:
    • Small objects (i.e., paperclips) that can be a serious choking hazard.
    • Cleaning products (i.e., glass cleaner) that can be a serious poisonous hazard.
  • The daycare staff did not maintain the playground equipment and toys:
    • Equipment (i.e., swings, slides, and seesaws) becomes rusty.
    • Toys (i.e., those that have batteries) become defective.
  • The daycare staff did not promote safe air, food, and water quality:
    • Asbestos.
    • Mold.
    • Spoiled food.
    • Contaminated drinking water.
  • The daycare staff did not practice proper health protocols.
    • Furniture, toys, and other high-touch surfaces are not properly sanitized.
    • They do not help the children properly wash their hands.

And in worst-case scenarios, such neglect can become borderline abuse. You must be cautious of early signs of daycare abuse, such as if your child has lost a significant amount of weight, has noticeable bruises, complains about hunger or thirst, etc.

Do I have a premises liability case for daycare negligence in the state of South Carolina?

If your child recently became injured due to their daycare’s unsafe property conditions or otherwise the staff’s negligence, then you may have a solid premises liability case on your hands. With this, you must satisfy your burden of proof and show that your child’s injuries came about, by no fault of their own, while under the daycare’s supervision.

However, things may become difficult if you signed a daycare liability clause before enrolling your child. Essentially, this clause waives your right to sue the daycare if your child was harmed on their premises. But even if you did sign this, our firm will find a way to work around this. Thus, if you require justice to be served, you must reach out to a talented Chesterfield County personal injury lawyer at your earliest convenience.


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