What age group causes the most car accidents? | Chesterfield County Auto Accident Lawyer

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Anytime anyone gets behind the wheel, the risk of getting into a car accident will always be present. The road is full of hazardous conditions that can make driving difficult. It should be no surprise that car accidents are among the leading causes of fatalities in the United States. However, depending on their age, certain motorists are more likely to cause car accidents than others. Statistically, motorists under 25 have the highest probability of getting into a car accident. It should also be noted that when it comes to age demographics likely to cause a crash, drivers who are 65 and older are the second most probable group to be involved in a vehicular collision. Regardless of the age group, if you were involved in a car accident and are considering filing a personal injury claim, do not hesitate to contact a Chesterfield County auto accident lawyer from the Cockrell Law Firm, P.C. to schedule a free consultation.

What age group tends to cause the most car accidents?

Younger drivers are at a far higher risk of causing a car accident than any other age group because of inexperience. The younger the driver is, the more likely they may be involved in a collision. A lack of experience can result in all sorts of reckless driving habits that will only increase the chances of a car crash. This can include driving at inappropriate speeds, not wearing a seatbelt, distracted driving, and disobeying traffic laws just to name a few. Although, perhaps the most egregious issue for younger drivers is their propensity for drunk driving. Not only are they more likely to drive under the influence, but because of their age, their tolerance for alcohol is much lower compared to older drivers. This often leads to younger people overestimating their ability to drive after a few drinks.

Why do elderly drivers frequently get into car accidents?

While elderly drivers tend to drive far more responsibly compared to any other age demographic, they are still at a high risk of getting into a car accident. As people get older, both their physical and mental health begin to deteriorate. This can result in declining vision, poor hearing, and slower reaction times. Because of their conditions, it is not uncommon for limitations to be placed on elderly drivers for their safety. Some older drivers may be required to have a hearing aid, prescription glasses, or special equipment installed in their vehicles to be able to get on the road.

It is also important to keep in mind that if you are involved in a car crash, having strong legal counsel working on your behalf will be a necessity when filing a personal injury claim.