What Are the Most Common Spring Driving Hazards in South Carolina?

black car on asphalt road sun

Like most people, you may be excited to see winter in the rearview mirror. However, just like any other season, spring also brings unique driving hazards that drivers need to be aware of to mitigate the risks of collisions. So, while you may be looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time outside, staying alert while behind the wheel is essential. It’s beneficial to familiarize yourself with the most common spring driving hazards in South Carolina. Please continue reading to learn what spring road hazards you may face, how to avoid them, and why you should connect with a knowledgeable Chesterfield County Auto Accident Lawyer to protect your rights. 

What Spring Driving Hazards Should I Look Out For in South Carolina?

Potholes are among the most common hazards drivers encounter in South Carolina during the spring. When snow melts and ice seeps into the soil under the pavement and then freezes, it expands, causing the asphalt to bend, crack, and weaken. As the pavement contracts, it leaves gaps or holes in the surface. If this cycle continues throughout the winter, potholes get bigger and bigger. When a tire strikes a pothole and loses pressure through a leak or blowout, it can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and increase the chances of a collision.

In addition, the spring months bring weather conditions, such as heavy rains, severe thunderstorms, flooding, and high winds. While spring showers may bring beautiful flowers, they can also make driving more treacherous. When the roads are overly wet, this slick condition increases the risk of hydroplaning. This occurs when your tires lose reactions with the road’s surface. Without traction, you cannot break and lose control of the vehicle. As such, you should monitor the weather forecast. Also, you should slow down and keep a safe distance between your car and other drivers. If the rain is so extreme that it impairs your visibility, pull over to the side of the road until the storm passes and stay indoors if there are flood warnings.

Furthermore, warmer weather brings out more pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists sharing the road with drivers. Due to their reduced profile compared to automobiles, they can be more challenging to see. Drivers must always remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings, pay close attention when approaching intersections, and avoid distractions while driving to minimize the risks of accidents.

Now that spring is in full swing; this doesn’t mean you can drop your guard while behind the wheel. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by negligence, please don’t hesitate to contact a trusted lawyer from the Cockrell Law Firm, P.C., who can assist you in recovering the financial compensation you deserve and need to get your life back on track.