What happens if I am accused of violating the terms of my parole in South Carolina?

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Essentially, depending on whether an individual poses a threat to the safety of the general public, after serving a portion of their prison sentence, they may be offered parole. Parole is often confused with probation because they involve adhering to certain conditions. Parole is a type of conditional freedom that allows an individual to be released from prison early and re-enter society as long as they comply with the terms of their parole. Some of these terms may include meeting regularly with their assigned parole officer, maintaining employment and residence, and submitting to drug and alcohol tests. If a parolee violates the conditions of their parole, they could face severe penalties including being sent back to jail and having their conditional freedom revoked. Please continue to follow along to learn what could happen if a parolee violates their parole terms. In addition, contact an experienced Chesterfield Criminal Defense Lawyer who can help defend your rights. 

What are some common parole conditions parolees have to adhere to in South Carolina?

When an individual is granted parole, one of the main conditions of their conditional freedom is that they are required to regularly meet with their assigned parole officer. A parolee supervising officer is entitled to unannounced visits and searches to ensure a parolee is adhering to the conditions of their parole. If a parolee misses a scheduled meeting with their parole officer, they could file a notice of violation with the parole board. This could result in stricter parole conditions being enforced. In South Carolina, some of the common conditions of parole include but are not limited to the following:

  • Follow a curfew
  • Maintain a residence
  • Maintain employment
  • Community services
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Do not partake in any criminal activity
  • Do not contact the victims of your crime
  • Submit drug and alcohol tests
  • Refrain from drug and alcohol use
  • Attend drug and alcohol treatment
  • Attend mental health treatment
  • Refrain from leaving certain geographical areas without obtaining permission to leave from your parole officer

What are the consequences of violating the conditions of my parole?

In South Carolina, if an individual is accused of violating the conditions of their parole, they will be brought before the parole board. The parole board will decide on an appropriate punishment for the parolee’s violation. In some cases, a parole officer will handle a minor violation and impose stricter conditions if the violation warrants it. However, major violations can result in the parolee having their parole revoked and having to return to prison to complete the remainder of their sentence. Nonetheless, if the parole board deems it reasonable, they could sentence a parolee to serve additional jail time and face other severe penalties.

If you have been accused of violating the conditions of your parole, it is imperative to have the right legal representation to ensure your rights are protected. Our firm can fight on your behalf to help you remain out of jail and maintain your conditional freedom.