Fireworks Safety Tips to Prepare for this Fourth of July

Fireworks are a common way to commemorate the Fourth of July. But as common as it is, there are many important fireworks safety tips that may not be at the top of your mind during your celebrations. Follow along to learn these tips, and how a proficient Chesterfield County personal injury lawyer at The Cockrell Law Firm, P.C. can support you in the unfortunate event of a fireworks accident injury.

What are the most important fireworks safety tips?

Below is a comprehensive list of fireworks safety tips to follow before, during, and after your fireworks display:

  • Before starting the display:
    • Throughout your festivities, it is best that you do not consume alcohol or drugs if you anticipate lighting the fireworks later on.
    • Since the bright lights and loud sounds may cause your pets to behave erratically, it is best that you relocate them indoors.
    • Professional-grade fireworks, that should only be used by experts, are typically wrapped in brown paper. Make sure that your fireworks are not that.
    • Your fireworks should be a type that is legal in the state of South Carolina.
    • Since fire is a possibility, have a fire extinguisher or garden hose readily available.
  • When setting off the fireworks:
    • In all circumstances, fireworks should take place outdoors.
    • Keep the fireworks away from your body and pockets, and wear protective glasses.
    • Keep children away from the fireworks.
    • Light only one firework at a time, and never do so while they are in your hand or while you are standing over them.
    • Never relight a “dud” that did not initially go off, as you may get burned.
    • Walk a safe distance away after lighting the fuse, and make sure all bystanders are also a safe distance away.
    • Do not throw or point the fireworks at any bystanders.
  • At the end of the display:
    • Do not immediately throw out the fireworks in the garbage, as this may start a fire. Instead, soak them in cool water and let them sit for a while.

What steps should I take if I am injured in a fireworks accident?

If you have been injured in a fireworks accident due to another property owner’s negligence, you may recover compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. To do so, collect as much evidence as possible to satisfy the burden of proof. This can include photos and videos, witness statements, a police report, and medical documentation and bills, among other things. Then, contact a talented Chesterfield County premises liability lawyer.

However, if your injury was due to a manufacturing or design defect of the fireworks, you may recover damages through a product liability claim. For this, do not throw away the defective product fireworks, as they will be vital evidence for your case.


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